The Richmond City Police Department announced it purchased nearly 500 firearms for a total cost of $67,500 during its first gun buyback program — an initiative aimed at curbing gun violence.

Interim Chief of Police Rick Edwards addressed the city’s public safety committee with the results of the August event, which saw hundreds of willing citizens come forward to exchange their firearms for gift cards.

In total, the department collected 227 handguns, 117 rifles, 115 unknown classifications, 10 inoperable guns, seven BB guns and five assault rifles for a total of 481 weapons.

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August 2022: In an effort to stem the rising tide of gun violence, the City of Richmond has organized a new gun buyback program to reduce the number of firearms in the community and help prevent gun violence.

The program’s first event will take place Aug. 20, 2022 at Liberation Church in South Richmond. More events are planned.

The Richmond City Council passed legislation in June allocating about $80,000 for the program. The city is partnering with the California-based Robby Poblete Foundation for the initiative. The funds will be used to give out gift cards valued at $25 to $250. The price depends on the type of firearm and whether it’s operable.

Watch local media for announcements of future events.